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Free business cards templates personalize in on-line editor with your own information and print to PDF!

The "VOL-2" business cards on-line editor - is a free online service for creating and printing business cards directly from the site. Choose from hundreds of free backgrounds and color and grayscale pictures. Using the program is very simple and is designed for inexperienced users, so the formation of a professional business card layout does not present any difficulty. Users can easily print out the resulting layout of business cards in PDF format on your office or home laser printer using plain or perforated paper (by Avery, Decadry, Aply etc.)

The "VOL-2" On-line - your personal business card designer, which does not require installation, does not require registration and gives immediate results (without payment, sms, etc.):

  • data entry and editing business cards;
  • formatting of text data in the textfield of buzcards;
  • placement on the field of business card images in a graphical format Jpeg, Gif, Svg, Bmp, Tiff and Png;
  • change the color of individual elements of the text business cards;
  • loading personal emblems, pictures, images and logos for biz cards;
  • adjusts the indentation in the formation of PDF page to set up printing on special letterhead business cards.
  • formation of PDF-document under a different page size (A5, A4, A3, Letter, Legal or 4*2,5 inches - one card for printing salon);
  • ready templates for Avery Dennison® Business Cards for Inkjet and Laserjet printers: ten cards on page (works with Avery business cards templates #: 5371, 5376, 5377, 5870, 5871, 5872, 5873, 5876, 5877, 5878, 5882, 5911, 8271, 8371, 8374, 8376, 8377, 8471, 8476, 8859, 8865, 8870, 8871, 8872, 8873, 8874, 8875, 8876, 8877, 8878, 8879, 27871, 27882, 28371, 28865, 28873, 28876, 28877, 28878, 55871 and other) and eight cards on page (works with Avery business cards templates #: 5881, 8373, 8869, 28373, 38373 and other);
  • ready themes for Avery Zweckform® Business Cards for Inkjet and Laserjet printers: 10 cards on page (works with Avery business cards templates #: 32030, 32031, 32032, 32036, C2364, C2365, C2366, C2367, C31010, C32011, C32014, C32016, C32017, C32020, C32021, C32023, C32025, C32026, C32029, C32040, C32075, C32094, C9362 and other) and 8 cards on page (works with Avery business cards templates #: C32006, C32015, C32018, C32024, C32028, C32096, C32097 and other);
  • ready templates: for Sigel®, APLI® and DECAdry® Business Cards for Inkjet and Laserjet printers: 10 cards on page (works with Avery business cards templates #: Sigel DP706, APLI 10408 and other) and 8 cards on page (works with business cards templates #: DECAdry OCC3400 and other);
  • preservation of the finished layout business cards for storage or transmission to the printer;
  • getting ready to print layout business cards in the correct format PDF (layout compatible with Corel DRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, MX, the text opens as fonts, built-in image printing quality, background pictures with margins);
  • finished layout suitable for print off business cards in the quick printing without a designer;
  • supports languages English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish, Finnish, Serbian, Hebrew, Yiddish, Swahili, Romanian, and other.

To view and print PDF-documents you may need to download and install Adobe Reader - a free program you can download it on the site (see section Download-> Download Adobe Reader).
In Adobe Acrobat "Print" dialog ("Preferences") option "Page Scaling" should be set to "None". Also make sure you have selected "Print Maximum Area".

In addition to business cards, the program "Business Card" can be successfully applied to the press passes, corporate badges, labels, merchandise or price tags, discount coupons, promotional cards, and any other small-format printing materials with repeating information (gift tags, appointment reminder cards, raffle tickets, wallet calendars, contact list cards, flashcards, mini recipe cards).

It is also possible to use the program to print variable data such as names of employees to Name badges while maintaining the overall card design or price lists with prices for different commodities.

There are templates of business cards for:accountant, accounting, address tags, air duct services, appointment reminder, army, military, astrologer, attorney, auto parts and accessories, Avon representative, babysitter, bathrooms, beauty salon, beauty salon appointment card, cakes, carpenter, carpet cleaning, cleaner, clerk, clothing repair, ironing service, coaching, communication trainer, computer repair, computer shop, conservation architect, construction, courier, curriculum expert, dentistry, designer, director, disc jockey, discount card, dogs training, driving instructor, electrician, entrepreneur, floor covering, furniture repairs, gundogs, gutters, hairdresser, handmade jewelry, handyman, home care, home multiservice, home repair, homemade catering, housekeeping, human resource specialist, installation of doors, investigator, private detective, jewelry, laboratory, lawn and tree service, lawyer, lunch punch card, manager, Mary Kay agent, massage therapist, masters of manicure, math and science tutoring, meal ticket, motor repair, moving, nametag, notary, nurses, Oriflame beauty consultant, painting service, participation card, pharmacy, photographer, picture framing, plumber, police officer, press passes, project manager, property maintenance, recycling, referral card, refrigerators, residential maintenance, residential service, safety specialist, sales of steel, sales person, school bus driver, school leave card, school teacher, security guards, snow removal, sport goods, sports center, student, tattoo master, taxi driver, tracktor service, travel consultant, truck driver, vehicle repairs, video, wedding singer, weight training, welding, windows cleaning, work from home, workshop appliances.

Box for business cards (assembled without glue), to download in PDF>>>

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"Choose from hundreds of free backgrounds and color and grayscale pictures. Using the program is very simple and is designed for inexperienced users!"
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